Business development & growth planning

Focussing on efficiency increase, cost reduction, quality ensuring, defect prevention etc. – all this alone is nowadays not sufficient anymore in order to cope with the constantly increasing tough competition in the long term.

Hereby innovations into future business areas are mostly sacrificed by cost cutting programmes – often causing extensive impacts when sales of until then main business areas suddenly collapse.

  1. What are your strengths and how to turn them into competitive advantages?

  2. Where are deficits and negative developments which need to be minimised?

  3. What are the chances and challenges which arise in a new business environment?

  4. What are the risks which you will have to face in the future and how to avoid them?

  5. How to turn alleged weaknesses and risks into strengths and opportunities?

Many companies in the market do more and more resemble each other – by similar structures and similar products. As a result the differentiation is primarily achieved through pricing. However, today’s development of innovative business models may be your tomorrow’s cash cow!

With our expertise in the national and international business development we are able to support you by analysing, further expanding and strengthening your existing business areas and service portfolios as well as by revealing and evaluating new market chances