Merger & acquisition

Mergers between companies, joint ventures or other models for cooperation can be an efficient strategy for the involved partners in order to generate sustainable growth. Barring possible extensive antitrust handicaps, taxation issues as well as other risk scenarios, the operative integration mainly represents the major challenge. Unfortunately many projects fail because of that or are left behind.

  1. Evaluating the opportunities and bridge-building (establishment of contacts, initial conversation) with the necessary discretion and sensitivit

  2. Organisation and controlling of the entire due diligence procedure

  3. Sector specific evaluation as a basis for purchase price determination

  4. Independent and objective mentoring of the negotiations

  5. Operative attendance during the course of the merger

Our team consists of industry experts who completed acquisitions successfully in spite of numerous obstacles beforehand. With the necessary “tact and sensitivity” as well as persistence, sustainable collaborations were forged.